Drinking Set Series

Masu boxes today are most commonly used as a cup for drinking and serving Sake. Here is a set of sake vessels, each made by applying traditional Masu making craftsmanship with a twist of creativity by various artists and designers.
Feel free to drink or do anything with our artisan sake sets.
By nature, Cypress is water resistant and strong against heat. In fact, it has been used to build luxury bathtubs in Japan for generations.
What do you say to some Sake in our signature drinking sets?


Simple yet stunning, inarguably the centerpiece of Ohashi design.

/(sla) tokkuri&ochoko

Tilted sake set adds thrill to the table


An ingenious set of Masu boxes and cups

Drinking Set

Compact but versatile; the perfect choice for outdoor venues

Apollo Wine Masu

A glass shaped Masu great for drinking wine, this product is one giant step for Masu-kind.

Wine Cooler

A wine cooler that doesn’t sweat. It keeps its cool.

Masu Mug

Cypress keeps your beer cold and makes smoother bubbles. Who wood have known?


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